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somebody wanna setup a zeus mission on the server for new map?
Be sure to vote! Happy Father's Day, guys!
just a friendly reminder. but if you toss a frag at/near friendlies (aka my bandage dolls) I will murder you. :d
E3 this weekend!!!
Signup for the mission friday boys!
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Mod Update

[CPT] Iceman Admin posted Wed at 21:39

Due to Ace updating R3F Advanced Logisitics was removed and Duda's Advanced Towing was added back in make sure to remove R3F and add Towing its in the collection 

Breaking News!!!

[CPT] Iceman Admin posted Jun 15, 17

Reference Sheet

[CPT] Iceman Admin posted Jun 8, 17

Document Link

Breaking News

[CPT] Iceman Admin posted Jun 7, 17

[SPC] EagleTrooper Admin Oh Looks like we are getting deployed boys. Looking for a campaign


[CPT] Iceman Admin posted May 30, 17

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